The goals of the Strive Athletics Sports Program include the following:

  • To have each player be the best athlete they can be.
  • To develop a sense of good sportsmanship.
  • To promote team spirit.


In an effort to achieve our goals and work cohesively as a team, attendance at all practices and games is vitally important. On an occasion when an absence is unavoidable, a note or email to the coaches is a courtesy that would be appreciated.

  • Excused absences:
    • Illness
    • Family Emergency
    • Family Obligation
  • Unexcused absences:
    • Detention

Exceptions may be made if the absence is prearranged and approved through the coach. Example: family obligation, doctors’ appointment.


As a participant of the Strive Athletics Sports Program, I agree to conduct myself according to the following rules/expectations:

  • I will adhere to all program policies as outlined by the coaching staff.
  • Social Media- Any electronic or digital comments directed toward another individual, player or team that could be seen as unsportsmanlike, threatening, or hurtful will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  • Our players are always expected to model good character whether on or off the field. Participation in athletics is a privilege. The following policies outline the consequences for athletes who commit disciplinary infractions during the season.
    • I will be on time to all practices and games. Failure to do so will affect playing time.
    • I will dress properly for all practices and games with all necessary equipment. Failure to do so will affect playing time.
    • I will not get involved in any horseplay before, during, or after practice/game.
    • I will respect the rights and property of my team members; I will not make fun of or criticize other members of my team, nor will I in any way bother their belongings.
    • I will do my best and will not make excuses when things do not go well.
    • I will display good sportsmanship during practices/games, showing respect for the officials, coaches, and players.

Policies Regarding Parents

As a parent of an athlete participating in the Strive Athletics Program, I agree to conduct myself according to the following rules/expectations:

  • I will support my son/daughter by getting them to practices/games on time.
  • I will support my son/daughter’s teammates by cheering for them at games.
  • I will encourage my son/daughter to talk to the coach on their own behalf before I make contact.
  • When I have concerns regarding my son/daughter I will contact the coach and/or coordinators and set up appointment to discuss these concerns. Parents should not approach a coach regarding these concerns in front of the team or other parents.
  • Despite my understand, experience, or expertise of a particular sport. I will not attempt to supersede the coach’s decisions or authority.
  • I will be a role model to my son/daughter regarding sportsmanship. I will treat officials, coaches, players, and other spectators with respect, and I will refrain from using inappropriate language.
  • I understand that if I do not adhere to these rules and expectations, I will asked to no longer be a spectator at any Strive Athletics sporting events.